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Dr Bharti Kashyap interacts with Narendra Modi on ‘Chai Pe Charcha’

“Coinciding with the International Women’s Day on 8th March, Narendra Modi had discussions with Dr Bharti Kashyap on women-related issues” in the second round of ‘Chai Pe Charcha’.

A series of unique interactions between Shri Narendra Modi and Dr Bharti Kashyap had gone during this session, the novel initiative of Chai Pe Charcha enables Shri Modi to understand the problems they face.


Q.1 Government officials change allegiance the moment they get the first whiff of a change, often at the cost of ongoing humanitarian projects. Some of my own initiatives in blindness control have been adversely affected as a result. How do you propose to combat this corruption in government offices?

Q.2 How do you propose to expand the ambit of National Programme for Control of Blindness  so as to include all major eye hospitals and eye banks in our country’s fight against blindness ?

Dr Bharti Kashyap is a famous name in the field of ophthalmology In Jharkhand she is regarded as ‘vision lady’ for her contribution in eradicating blindness.

She is known for her campaign for eye donation and vision for young rural Jharkhand.

She has not only extended service to high profile people in the state capital but also give healing touch to the eyes of poor residing in the naxal affected forests of Jharkhand where even policemen not dare to go without proper precaution.

Whether it be the dense forest of Saranda in West Singhbhum or it be the forest of Saryu in Latehar or palamu she has reached there to accomplish the mission of vision 2020 under which blindness has to be reduced to 0.3 percent from 0.8 pcent in our the country in coming six years. When Maoists were observing Martyr week by giving a call of bandh she was present in their den with her team to ensure proper vision to poor.

Recently when she reached Daltonganj, the headquarters a Maoist affected area of Jharkhand, Palamau, with her team thousands of children and adult reached to get healing touch to their eyes from her and she did not disappoint anyone especially Removing refractive error of children, giving them free spectacles and operating upon the cataracts especially of children she helped their parents to send them back to school. Many children got the first book of their life and got admitted to school after cataract operation by her. She started vision for young Jharkhand campaign in 2005.

Till now more than six lakhs poor school going children are checked by her , thousands have been given free spectacles and hundreds of children are operated for cataract. She took up childhood cataracts as children with cataract have no choice other than getting blind as eye camps usually don’t take up children with cataract. She has also done hundreds of eye screening camp for human trafficking victim girls and marginalized girls. Not only this she has also given vision to thousands of slum dwelling urban poor’s and has organized glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy camp for them apart from cataract surgery camps every year.

She owns world class NABH accredited eye hospital, Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, but not contended sitting there. She recently introduced cost effective mobile vision center and reached those remained unreached over years. 

Associated with a family which remained associated with the field of ophthalmology for last three generation and helped thousands to see properly, Bharti is actually Bharti by her thought, speech and action and an inspiration for ladies of the country.

When medical fraternity in Jharkhand was finding it difficult to get a Medical protection Act like Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh to practice fearlessly, she paved the path of formulation of a Medical Protection Act in the state. It is expected the Act will come in force in the state soon.

her eye donation campaign is marked by run for vision’ which she organizes every year in the capital of Jharkhand and senior ministers to senior bureaucrats besides common men come on the road to express their solidarity with the her and pledge their eye for donation.

She is the first who started eye donation campaign in Bihar Jharkhand and first corneal transplantation of Bihar Jharkhand was also done by her along with her famous eye surgeon husband Dr. B P Kashyap.

Chai Pe Charcha will discuss the critical issues that are important to the holistic development of the nation. The theme of this round is ‘Women Empowerment’. Women like Dr Bharti Kashyap , who have achieved success in their chosen field are invited to share their stories with the nation and be the inspiration to millions of girls across the nation.